Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Demise of Western Civilization

Good Morning... During the campaign of 2008, I had an ongoing debate with a Christian of the more liberal persuasion who claimed that President Obama would be great for the point was that President Obama would be the most prolific abortion President in history...I must admit that I used some hyperbole when saying that "The streets would run with the blood of aborted babies"...however, four years later, we find that unfortunately, I was right...President Obama has removed the protection provisions for medical practioners who don't want to be involved in abortion...He has demanded that religious institutions provide abortion services to all employees in spite of obvious objections to we find that abortion selection is now defended by President Obama and the House of Representatives Democrat members...Our civilization is being destroyed before our very eyes...Joel Rosenberg pegs it: CULTURAL COLLAPSE? CANNIBALISM, "MOMMY PORN," GAY RIGHTS, ABORTION DRIVING U.S. HEADLINES THIS WEEK What in the world is going on? Joel C. Rosenberg (Washington, D.C., June 7, 2012) -- Forget the stagnant American economy and our severe debt crisis and the rapidly mounting troubles in Greece and Spain, at least for a moment. Consider what's driving the news just this week: * Pornography -- Did you know the #1, #2 and #3 books on Amazon today (June 6) are the "Fifty Shades of Grey" novels that are being widely described as "Mommy Porn" and have already sold more than 10 million copies in just six weeks? Yes, you read that right - 10 million copies in six weeks. (see "Hotel in 'Mommy Porn' novel offering 50 Shades-themed packages," Fox Oregon, May 23, 2012; "How 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Is Shaking Up the Business of the Romance Genre," The Daily Beast, June 6, 2012) * Cannibalism -- "Exclusive: Causeway Cannibal Had Bible, Recently Smoked Pot When He Attacked," CBS Miami, June 6, 2012 * Cannibalism --- "Cannibal Copycat? Police Say Man High On Bath Salts Threatened To Eat Officer," CBS Tampa, June 6, 2012 * Cannibalism -- "Cannibalism Trend Can Feed On Itself, Experts Say: 6 Acts Of Human Consumption Draw Lurid Attention," ABC Indianapolis, June 6, 2012 * Gay Rights -- "Prop. 8: appeals courts set stage for Supreme Court review of gay marriage," Christian Science Monitor, June 6, 2012 * Abortion -- "President Obama, 168 House Members Defend Sex-Selection Abortion," National Right To Life news story, May 31, 2012 What in the world is going on? Yes, we face the very real possibility of an economic collapse in the not-too-distant future. But is it possibly we're already imploding culturally? The country is deep in a full blown political war between Democrats and Republicans, but do we honestly believe either party -- or either presidential nominee -- knows how to fix the mess we're in?And where is the Church? In a nation of tens of millions of self-professed born-again, evangelical Christians, how can we be in so much trouble? And is there any hope of turning this around? Next week, on Tuesday, my new book release, "Implosion: Can America Recover From Our Economic and Spiritual Challenges In Time?" I was going to start writing about these moral and cultural issues then. But they cannot wait. Here are a few excerpts from the book: * "These are not normal times. Americans have been gripped by a widespread and deeply rooted pessimism in recent years. They are open asking whether our nation can survive....A growing number of Americans fear that this period of our history is different and the crises we face today -- and those coming up over the horizon -- may be far worse than anything we have experienced in the past....Many Americans genuinely fear that God is preparing to removed his hand of protection and blessing from our country, or perhaps already has. The fear that unlike previous dark times in our national history, God may not intend to help us turn things around and get us back on the right track.... * "We must not kid ourselves. The evidence suggests we may very well be aboard the Titanic, heading for icebergs and inexplicably increasing our speed toward disaster. So many on board are unaware of the dangers fast approaching and not concerned in the slightest. We haven't hit the icebergs yet, but if we don't make a sharp turn fast, we soon will, and we will sink. Who will serve as our captain and crew going forward? Will they understand the gravity of the threat and have the wisdom, courage and speed to take appropriate action before it is too late? What is our role as passengers? Are we to succumb to decadence...."