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New World Order?

Hello everyone! I hope that you have a had a great day! Today, as we wait one more week for the election, as we see the stock market going up and down (mostly down), we see many things that indicate that the return of Jesus Christ is getting ever closer! Amen! The following article is from the rapturealert.com site:

The EU Pushes for the New World Order
by Michael G. Mickey

It's rare that I write two commentaries in one day on the same topic, but I feel it's needed in this instance.

The title of a recent Times Online article reads: Don't force EU's new world order on America

Who could've foreseen the European Union being the catalyst for a new world order rising in a world that has forgotten its God? A whole lot of readers of RaptureAlert.com at the very least.

RaptureAlert.com has been documenting an expectation for a new world order to materialize from within the boundaries of the old Roman empire for some time, has it not? Even so, seeing it materializing before our eyes? It's surreal, isn't it?

The Times Online article opens as follows:

Politics may make strange bedfellows, but economic crises make even stranger ones. Gordon Brown, a free trader, now finds that Nicolas Sarkozy, an arch-protectionist, has virtues he had not previously noticed. It seems that they are united by three things. First, they believe, or at least are pretending that they believe, that the current ills originated in the United States. You might remember: these are the same United States whose entrepreneurship Chancellor Brown lauded to all who would listen, before becoming prime minister and slipping easily into the anti-American mode that now dominates his public and private discourse.

Second, Brown and Sarkozy, along with their EU partners, believe that now is the time to put the former hegemon in its place. America, they believe, is paralysed by the lame-duck status of its president. It will, they reason, be forced to go along with any European proposals for what is variously called a “new financial architecture” and a “new world order”. The joy on the faces of EU leaders as they gather for their conferences can be seen in news photos.
It seems the revived Roman empire of Bible prophecy has the United States over a barrel so to speak and is loving it under the leadership of current EU and French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

As I documented in a recent commentary on efforts to bring about the new world order, Sarkozy, along with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, visited U.S. President George W. Bush at Camp David recently where a decision was reached to hold a series of summits with influential world leaders, the goal of which will be to establish a global financial currency. If these summits are fruitful, they will bring us one step closer to the prophesied Antichrist to come being able to gain control over "all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond." (Revelation 13:16)

Through the prophesied mark of the beast to come, the Antichrist will be able, for the first time in human history, to tie mankind's ability to access currency for use in buying and selling to loyalty to him - and, yes, even worship of him! See how everything is falling into place, Christians, precisely as we've been told to expect it to by so many men of God throughout the modern history of the Church Age?

The new world order is coming and that tells us that the prospect of Jesus Christ returning for His Church soon is rising at an ever-quickening pace.

Spotlight on Sarkozy

If anyone is top dog, king of the hill right now in relation to bringing about the new world order, it would have to be, in my humble opinion, French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Throughout the years, as developments have stacked upon developments, various elite power brokers have come and gone as key players setting the stage for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy to occur. For right now at least - and that is likely to change in January when the EU presidency will switch hands once again barring any new developments - Sarkozy is the man.

The Christian Science Monitor featured an article on Sarkozy recently that opened as follows:

A year ago, France's new president raced around Europe looking frenetic. Nicolas Sarkozy's wife had left him, critics pointed to a lack of discipline and a royal style of rule – a man who moved but didn't shake – and his popularity nosedived.

This week Mr. Sarkozy worked with President Bush to set up a series of meetings to reform the global economy, and he's now off to Asia to broach the idea of bringing India and China together with G-8 nations in a "Bretton Woods II" framework of economic rules. This comes just weeks after he moved with alacrity to broker a cease-fire deal to end the Georgia-Russia war.

Critics still point to Sarkozy's proclivity to turn politics into a show and to unashamedly take credit whenever possible. Yet in the space of a summer he has consolidated his power and blended substance with showmanship, and is now winning praise as a crisis leader in a more multipolar world.

"I think today that everyone, even those who had misgivings, acknowledge that [Sarkozy] not only has great political energy, but also exceptional leadership qualities," commented José Manuel Barroso, the EU chief who accompanied Sarkozy to Camp David this weekend.

The French president's peripatetic style is proving useful for a major crisis with multiple elements – which plays into his ability to do many things at once.

He's been blessed with good political winds: with Russia's invasion of Georgia, and with US world stock at an ebb, it is Europe's hour at a time when the EU presidency is held by France.

Europe boldly took the lead in response to the global financial crisis by offering a plan devised by Gordon Brown and, later, Sarkozy that recapitalized banks to aid the economy.

While the White House moved quickly to propose a $700 billion bailout, it finally adopted Europe's plan to address liquidity and agree to a series of Bretton Woods-style meeting after the US presidential elections on Nov. 4.

Sarkozy has quickly adopted a bully pulpit for Europe and its traditionally more measured approach to markets. In Strasbourg Tuesday, speaking to the European Parliament, he stated that Europe "must carry the idea of a new foundation of global capitalism. What happened [with toxic assets and derivatives that created a credit crisis] was a treason of the values of capitalism," he said. "The market economy itself is not called into question."
Not only is Sarkozy proving himself to be quite masterful in making the global financial crisis a winner for the revived Roman empire of Bible prophecy, he has proven to have a steady hand at the wheel in the past - and almost uncannily so.

The more one reads the Christian Science Monitor's article, the more one finds Sarkozy an interesting study as a leader in a time such as this.

As mayor of a city in the suburbs of Paris in 1993, a man calling himself "the human bomb" entered a nursery with a rifle and explosives. Sarkozy went to the school and went directly inside, negotiated with the disturbed man, and walked out surrounded by the children. The police would later shoot and kill the hostage taker.

As a trained hostage negotiator, I can tell you that one of the most deadly mistakes that can be made is for an authority figure to enter a hostage scenario as Sarkozy did. Hostage takers typically aren't comfortable or hospitable to authority types. In fact, my training indicated that an action of this sort doesn't typically have a happy ending - for the authority figure at the very least.

My take on Sarkozy? He is a player in every sense of the word. Given the aggressive methods he is currently utilizing to achieve the EU's goals and his obvious cunning and intellect, he's one for us to keep an eye on in the revived Roman empire, particularly as he looks to bring about changes we can be sure are going to leave the European Union in a prime position to play a much larger role in global affairs if Sarkozy's current endeavors prove successful.

Antichrist disclaimer

In closing, let me be perfectly clear in stating that I am not - AM NOT - inferring that I suspect Nicolas Sarkozy is the prophesied Antichrist in the making. I'm placing the spotlight on him because it seems to be his moment in the sun. We have, in times past, seen Javier Solana, Tony Blair, Silvio Berlusconi, Romano Prodi and many other power brokers experience periods of time where they seemed to be standing tall above all others in terms of lifting the EU closer to its ultimate destiny as foretold in Bible prophecy. The current situation with Sarkozy is simply the latest opportunity the EU has had to advance its status as a rising superpower in the world, something it has done so quietly to this point that most people don't even realize that the EU is comprised of 27 nations and is constantly seeking to increase its size.

What I have said before I'll say again: We don't need to waste our time trying to identify the Antichrist; we need to spend our time watching for Jesus Christ, remaining at our duty stations until He calls for us.


Keep watch!
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