Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Supreme Court

Good Afternoon...

In recent days, Justice David Souter of the United States Supreme Court, announced his retirement...the President, eagar to make his mark on the Court (as all Presidents are) has named as his choice to succeed Souter, Judge Sonia Sotomayor of the 2nd Court of Appeals in New York...She was enthusiastically endorsed by the two current Senators from that state...Now, in considering who should or should not be appointed, we, conservative Christian believers, must keep in mind that the President is allowed to nominate whomever he pleases...we certainly could not expect the President to nominate someone like Chief Justice Roberts or another Justice Anthony Scalia...we must understand that coming in, this President will appoint Judges whom he believes will be just as liberal as he is and one who holds as much disdain for the U.S. Constitution as he does...he made it clear leading up to this nomination that he wanted someone who will have "empathy" in making decisions for all those whose voices are not being heard...the problem with that line of thinking Mr. President is that we are a nation of laws and the law is supposed to be color blind and not show any bias towards anyone...this brings me back to Judge Sotomayor...she is quoted as saying that she would hope that a Laitina Woman, with the life experiences that she has had, would come to a better conclusion than a white male who has not lived that life...I can only imagine what kind of uproar we would hear if a white male judge had said the same thing about his qualifications!
I imagine that Judge Sotomayor will be confirmed as our friendly Republican Senators will seat on their hands as usual and watch this travesty play out...We can only hope that what happened to President George H.W. Bush when he appointed Souter happens to Obama when naming his replacement....

Even So, Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

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