Sunday, February 19, 2012



My youngest son, Collin, pictured in the white and blue stripped shirt in our photo, has played Basketball for Calvary Christian School for the last 5 years...the J.V. squad in 8th grade and the Varsity squad from 9th grade until this his senior season...he has played extremely well, even though I am his dad I can say that!

As the season wound down, Collin got to within 74 points of 1,000 for his note that Collin plays the "point" position, meaning that he normally is the play-maker who dishes the ball off to others who shoot and score...and in fact, he is very near if he hasn't passed, the all-time assist record! At any rate, as our team made the regional tournament to determine which four teams would make the state tournament, he needed 11 points for 1,000...Collin scored 10 points and we qualified for the next round of the Regional's, one (1) point short of 1,000! he was sitting on 999 going into the next game...our family travelled to Tifton, Georgia where we had just watched him fall one point short...The game was played against Sherwood Christian Academy from Albany, Georgia, the school is a ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church which has brought us such outstanding films as "facing the Giants", "Fireproof" and of course, "Courageous"...Collin shot a Free-throw after being fouled and scored his 1,000th point! Our fans erupted and I am sure that the opposing fans thought we were crazy! After all, it was just one free-throw! At any rate, we were overjoyed! After all that we have been through (see previous postings)here was a ray of sunshine!

CCS made the state tourney and we played Tatnall Square Academy in the first round...Collin decided he would not lose in the first round like we did when he was a any rate, he lit up the night with 26 points, including a three-pointer that moved us 4 ahead after Tatnall had clawed back from 6 down...from there, we held on to win 58-56!

In round two, we played the defending state champs, Mt. Vernon, and the outcome was not the same...we lost by 15 and Collin only scored 5 points, shooting only twice in the second half...our team reverted to some late season bad habits of jacking up shots that were not there...oh well!

Collin had an outstanding career at CCS, becoming only the fourth player in the school's history to score 1,000 points!

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