Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good evening! It is Saturday, July 26, 2008...I have begun to realize that even though we preach that Jesus is coming soon, multitudes are still living as if He never existed. I am saddened that people (Christians) are more concerned about everyday living than they are about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many believe that "witnessing is o.k." but that must be for those "paid preachers to do". The command clearly from our Lord Jesus Christ was directed at ALL belivers! If your church offers an evangelistic outreach program, let me encourage you to sign up, be faithful in attendance, learn how to share your faith, pray for opportunities and then...DO IT!
It is sad when Christians are more concerned that some meeting occurs than the gospel is presented to the lost; it is sad when more Christians are worried if the by-laws are adhered to than the word of God is adhered to. Do you realize that there are actually peopel out there who know the by-laws forwards and backwards but only know John 3:16? This is the sad state of the American church. May God forgive us and have mercy on us, but I am afraid that it is too late...I am afraid that the judgment of God will fall, and is beginning to fall on this nation because of the sinful condition of the church...CHURCH WAKE UP!
We can no longer afford to sit in the pew and wait for someone else to do it...we can no longer sit idly by while people are dying and headed for an eternity separated from God in a place prepared for the devil and his angels called hell...what will it take America? What will it take?

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