Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Good Morning!

Today is Wednesday, March 18, 2009, the day after St. Patrick's day....What did you do for the day? Did you wear "Green"? I did...Having some Irish blood in me, causes me to think fondly of this particular day...but just who was St. Patrick?
Patrick, who lived between 389-461 A.D., was taken from Britain to Ireland by pirates at age 16. He lived there tending cattle for 6 years when he returned to Britain. He felt called to go back to Ireland and labor among them as a missionary. From 432 to 461, he worked among the Celts of Ireland and despite the efforts of the priests of the Druid religion, managed to make the island a strong center of Celtic Christianity. A center from which evangelistic efforts were launched all over Europe during even the dark ages and which some credit with re-establishing Christianity in England where it had previously been driven out.

So a day that is now celebrated by having outlandish drinking parties and extravagant parades in many locations all began when a young man answered the call of Christ and left his home to become a missionary spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ...

The response of Patrick to go is still going on today. All across our nation, men and women are still hearing the voice of God speaking to their hearts to go. Men and women who leave everything to spread the gospel, teach people how to clean their water, grow crops, care for the sick and a multitude of other life-saving advances that you and I take for granted here in the greatest country that God ever allowed to be formed...I hope it gives you pause to think about how gracious God has been to America and where we are headed in this country...I pray that we will as a nation repent, see the hand of revival sweep across this land and honor God with lives lived to please Him...

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