Friday, April 30, 2010

Raising Arizona

Good afternoon...

Well the folks who are considered left of center are in an uproar over the "illegal Immigration" bill recently passed and signed in Arizona...Several thoughts come to mind:
1) Had the Federal government done its job and fulfilled its responsibilities as per the Constitution, then Arizona would not have had to resort to passing their own legislation to protect their citizens from the criminal element that comes across the border like others cross the street...
2) Last year when the Democrats held their "Townhall Meetings" covering health care, they made people who showed up "prove that they lived within the district" us your papers!
3)When the Health Care legislation was passed by Congress and signed by the President, the Democrasts said, "Its the has been passed and signed, so shut up and live with it"

Please understand, I am not against immigration, afterall, we are a nation made up of immigrants...but LEGAL immigrants...we are a nation of laws and people who come here need to respect the immigration laws...if they don't respect the immigration laws, why would they respect any other laws? Millions of peopel have immigrated the RIGHT way...why should we reward those who have not?

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