Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Tenth Amendment Center

Good evening...

In recent days, our Federal Government has, in the opinion of some, over-reached in its policies and the laws that have been enacted...the question of individual freedom is paramount...I speak specifically of the Government take-over of the automobile industry, the banking industry, and now with the Health Care legislation...I guess you could probably discern where I would come down on this issue...I believe that the Government has stepped far beyond what is Constitutional...How in the world can the Federal Government require me to purchase Health Insurance? Now, I do happen to have HC Insurance, but if I chose not to have HC, then that is really not Uncle Sam's business...I know, I know, someone has to pay when people go to the hospital ER...yes, but this is a state issue! certainly there is some federal money which makes its way to the local hospitals, however, this is a state issue...Secondly, many will say, "the govt. makes us buy automobile insurance"...BAD ARGUMENT! I don't have to drive; people in New York City, for the most part, don't even have cars!
I want to encourage you that whatever state you live to get involved with http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/state-groups/
This group stands for the right of individual states to determine their own destiny by reclaiming what the U.S. Constitution proclaims is the right of the state...check them out!

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