Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Party Rage?

Good afternoon...

I understand that the President has been "amused" in recent days by Tea Party demonstrators... He even had the audacity to proclaim that the Tea Partiers should THANK HIM! Wow! You want Thanks Mr. President? Well here we go:

Before I begin, please let me be very clear: I have never been to a Tea Party rally and I don't even know anyone who on to the thanks for the President!

Thank you Mr. President for increasing the indebtedness of our country into the trillions of dollars...Thank you Mr. President for passing a Health Care Bill through the Congress, no make that, Ramming through, down our throats, a Health Care Bill that MANDATES that EVERYONE in this Country receive an implanted RFID chip under their skin. This is purported to contain medical information, but I imagine that there will be much more involved with that...Thank you Mr. President for all the taxes that are contained within this bill that will go a long way towards destroying the middle class...Thank You Mr. President for including the Abortion language within the bill so that even more babies will be murdered...THANK YOU Mr. President! I gues 1.5 million babies a year is not enough for him!

Next on the agenda for our benevolent leader is the "Cap & Trade (Tax) Bill"...get ready folks for outrageous electricity bills, gasoline so high that people won't be able to drive their cars places with mass transportation like Chicago, New York, D.C., even Atlanta, they can take the train to and from work, but for those who live in rural America or cities like Columbus, that will not happen...All because they actually believe that we can destroy the planet! In other posts, I have detailed how the Bible shows that global warming is nonsense, but please note Genesis 8:22, "While the earth remains,Seedtime and harvest,Cold and heat,Winter and summer,And day and night Shall not cease." In other words, God will determine when the times and seasons will end...certainly not man...

Church...Wake up! The return of the Lord Jesus Christ is drawing ever closer!

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